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Arizona Corvette Racing is a club involving Corvette enthusiasts that push America's Supercar to its limits. The Corvette is an amazing automobile with a long heritage of racing. With General Motors release of the ZO6 in 2001 and the rebirth of the ZR1 in 2009, the Corvette has gone from America’s sports car to Americas Supercar, able to outperform Italian and German exotics like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche.
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Formed in 2000, Arizona Corvette Racers is a car club that currently has a healthy member-base from all walks of life. While involved in mostly time trial events, utilizing full, technical road courses, some members also engage in auto-cross events throughout the year. Track events are ran and operated by organizations like NASA (National Auto Sports Association) and Pro Auto Sports. In fact, several of our members are high performance driving instructors (HPDE) within both organizations.

The Corvette is the dream car of men, women, and children all over the world. A lucky few are able to achieve their dreams of owning one, and even fewer are lucky enough to drive them at speeds above the posted speed limit. Still the rarest of the rare take the Corvette to its physical limits...on the race track.
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Please take a look around our site and get to know our club. We are a diverse group of people with one thing in common- a passion for tracking our Corvettes. We track a variety of vettes- everything from a non-modified street Corvette to a highly modified Corvette. The only rule is that it has to be a Corvette.

385208_580834348600045_900765644_nAs a club we participate in Time Trial and full racing events, earning points in their respective class along the way. Classing and general club rules can be found here. Members earn points for their attendance at each of the events as well as for best times for each event in their class. Event results point are posted on this site via our Arizona Corvette Racing Points Tracker. Awards presentations are held during special events throughout the year.

Arizona Corvette Racing Members participate in several events throughout the year including:

Arizona Corvette Racing members operate their vehicles at several of Arizona’s and adjacent state's motorsports facilities. Head over to our Race Tracks section to see the types of technical race courses we participate in. You can also learn more about our points and scoring system for members.

Annual club parties are generally held at the beginning of the year and feature food, fun and club officers elections.

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We are just as happy to share space on the track as we are in each other’s lives. We get together every Wednesday night at Native Grill and Wings on Ray Road and 50th Street in Chandler, Arizona. The Arizona Corvette Racing club is a family- sharing tools and tips at the track and sharing a beer or a bite to eat off the track. We also get together for parties, meetings, trips and more.

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